Problem area:
Enhancing web accessibility for online shopping platform

DEI – Web Accessibility


E-commerce and Retail
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01 —
Visual accessibility
Designing user interfaces that are compatible with screen readers, providing alternative text for images, ensuring color contrast, etc.
02 —
Cognitive accessibility
Simplifying website navigation, offering clear instructions and cues, minimizing distractions, etc.
04 —
Text Resizing
Enable users to resize text for better readability. This feature caters to individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer larger/bolder text.
03 —
Keyboard Accessibility
Ensure that all functionality on the website can be accessed and operated using a keyboard alone, without the need for a mouse. This includes keyboard focus indicators, logical tab order, and support for keyboard shortcuts.
**Problem area**
Enhancing web accessibility for online shopping platform
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— 24
Join us on this exciting journey of collaboration, creativity, and impact. Together, we can shape the future of software development and make a lasting difference in IT. Thank you for your interest in the International Association of Honored Developers Hackathon — we can’t wait to see what you’ll create!
The International Association of Honored Developers Hackathon is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of excellence, innovation, and the collective power of the global developer community. By participating in this event, you’ll have the chance to showcase your skills, learn from industry leaders, and contribute to advancing the IT industry.


Announcement of Winners
03.10.2023 11:00
02.10.2023 11:00
Judging Ends
26.09.2023 11:00
Judging Begins
Submission Deadline
24.09.2023 16:00
Hackathon Kickstart
22.09.2023 16:00
Registration Ends
22.09.2023 05:00

Judging criteria

Is the hack fully functional, and did the team accomplish its goals? This criterion assesses the project’s overall success and achievement, considering its intended functionality and the team’s objectives
Adherence to Theme
Does the hack align with the event’s theme, and is it fully or partially implemented? Additionally, does it incorporate unique or creative approaches to solving the problem?
Did the team challenge themselves, try to learn something new, and showcase their previous project experience? This aspect highlights the team’s growth and willingness to explore new areas.
Design and Technology
Does the project meet high quality standards? How stable and reliable it is? How many major and critical bugs does it have?
How unique and creative is the project in solving the problem? Is there an innovative approach or a fresh perspective that sets it apart?
How well is the user interface designed, does it show impressive design solutions, innovative techniques or use of different elements?
The question of evaluating the user interface and its relationship to web design and technology. How well designed the user interface is, the effectiveness of the interaction between the user and the system.
Design solutions in the user interface, innovative ideas, the question of improving user interaction with the product.

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